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What We Do: CRM & Infrastructure

Our service offer around the topics of CRM, server based infrastructure and data engineering on all levels targets one specific goal: To make you more successful. Using technology, efficiency and experience. Sometimes even cleverness. Let’s talk about it.

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Added Value is a co-operation platform heading for your success using our competence area services software, CRM, it infrastructure and consulting. infrastructurebox stands for it-infrastructure, data-services and everything related to real CRM.

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Co-operative Service Mix

Combine our services seamlessly with your own capabilities and those of your trusted suppliers and service providers. What’s good for you is fine with us.

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There for you

Together we stand for more than 5 decades of entrepreneurial experience and success. And we proudly look onto a client list that originates from 3 continents and 36 countries. This is what makes us understand your challenge and makes us know how to overcome it. Pragmatically and creatively. Call us nerds, fanatics, geniuses or just pros: we just love excellence.